Catching Feelings

Cara Kwon, 14

Glacier View Junior High

Ink drawing


We should all try to catch our emotions before we let them out and take over us.



A Change in her Seasons

Maddie Castro, 17

Graham Kapowsin High School and Pierce College

Digital painting


There are stages in life that many struggles to endure, but the ones who embrace and adapt to their circumstances will end up wiser.


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Haleena Necessary, 17

Curtis Senior High School

Mixed Media


I was inspired to create this work out of frustration and fear that the shooting-related deaths in schools will not end. Depicted, are facial representations drawn in tribute to the “Parkland 17,” who are rendered without eyes to bring attention to the blindness of our political system when it comes to gun-control legislation. The 18th spot is occupied by a mirror. Who will be the next victim? Look in the mirror. Will it be you?



Sami Alo, 16

Tacoma School of the Arts

Pencil drawing

What people don’t see is what you think, the dream people have is only seen in a action, not an idea.


Wonderland in the Eyes of a Mirror

Evelyn Kinney, 14

Ridgeline Middle School

Marker, colored pencil, and pastel

The idea that imagination is everywhere and that we can see everything in different ways. We can float around in our own wonderland.